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3 Storeys (in as Music) Raasleela (in as Music) Bas Tu Hai (in as Music) 12 B (in as Singer) Retro Hits Revisited (in as Music) Bartender Mix (in as Music) Agla Savera (in as Singer, Music, Label) Musical Years of Bollywood (in as Music) Ace Director Mani Ratnam (in as Singer) Kaadhali (in as Singer) Drive Your Passion-Femme Foodies Anthem (in as Music) Bhoot (in as Singer) I Love Ghibran (in as Singer) Sizzling Sufi (in as Singer, Lyricist) C.V. Kumar Hits (in as Singer) Meri Pyaari Bindu (in as Singer) Selfiestan (in as Music) Vote for Party - World Party Day (in as Music) Daddy Cool - Karan Johar (in as Music) Fresh Voices @ Coke Studio India (in as Singer, Music) Best of Coke Studio India Season 3 (in as Singer, Music) Folk @ Coke Studio India (in as Singer, Music) Bollywood Grooves, 2 (in as Singer) Ikka Dukka (in as Singer, Music, Label) Love Is In The Air - Mega Mashup By Shilpi Sharma (in as Music) Valentine Special (in as Singer) Mehram Remix (in as Music) Adhe Kangal (in as Singer) Musically A.R. Rahman - Tamil (in as Singer) House Of Dance (in as Music) Best of Coke Studio @ MTV Season, 2 (in as Singer, Music) Hungama Ho Gaya (in as Music) Talking Music With Clinton (in as Singer) Anandoloke (in as Singer, Music) Mehram - Revisited (in as Music)

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