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Pyar Jatt Da (in as Music) Galabo (in as Music, Label) Galabo (in as Singer, Label) Dil De Gali (in as Singer, Label) Bhai Chamkila (in as Singer, Label) Yaad Teri (in as Music) Ui Ui (in as Music) Dholna (Hubby) (in as Singer) Preeto (in as Music) Ranjhanna (in as Singer) Lak Patlo (in as Label) Khanda (in as Label) Living The Dream (in as Singer) Dil Di Rani (in as Lyricist) Ne Baliyeh (in as Music) Dil Nahi Lagda Kaliyan (in as Music) Akh Teri Thok Thok Ke (in as Music) Chori Chori (in as Singer) Balle Jatta (in as Label) Jatt Busy (in as Label) Champion (in as Singer) Akhiyan (in as Label) Electro Nach (Desi Refix) (in as Singer, Label) Electro Nach (in as Singer, Label) Dee Jay (in as Music) DJ Wajda (in as Music) Hits of Lehmber Hussainpuri (in as Music) Big Top 20 Radio Hits (in as Lyricist, Music) Talli (in as Music) Simply Sharabi (in as Singer) Punjabi Clap (in as Music) Folk Attack 2 (in as Music) Folk Attack (in as Music) Jine Tukde Hone Dil De (in as Lyricist) Fresh (in as Music)

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