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Kadri Gopalnath - Where the Saxophone Speaks (in as Singer) Glowing Breeze (in as Singer) Enna Thavam (in as Singer) Enna Paliso (in as Singer, Music) Sangama (in as Singer, Music) Chidanandam - Kadri Gopalnath Live At Chidambaram (in as Singer) Gam Ganapathe (in as Singer) Sri Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis (in as Singer) Dream Journey Vol 2 (in as Singer) Dream Journey Vol 1 (in as Singer) The Rage - Kadri Gopalnath - Saxophone (in as Singer) Mozart Meets India (in as Singer) Melody Waves - Film Tunes In Saxophone (in as Singer) Kadri Gopalnathirumudi Thaangi (in as Singer) Kadri Gopalnath - Live At Marga Music Festival (in as Singer) Everlasting Film Tunes (in as Music) Millennium - Carnatic Classical - Vol - 7 (in as Singer) Melody Waves - Kadri Gopalnath - Vol - 2 (in as Singer) Divine Waves Devotional Hits (in as Singer)

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