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Kanasina Rani Malashri Birthday Spl (in as Singer) Evergreen Legends Combo Illayaraja And SPB (in as Singer) Neeraali (in as Label) Njan Marykkutty (in as Label) Naanu Nimmavanu Hamsalekha (in as Singer) Naadabrahma Hamsalekha All Time Hits (in as Singer) M.M. Keeravaani Musical Hits (in as Singer) Beat In My Heart (in as Singer) Golden Hour Hits of Tollywood (in as Singer) Top Unforgettables Then And Now (in as Singer) Uncle (in as Label) Panchavarna Thatha (in as Label) Melody Queen S. Janaki (in as Singer) Sizzling Hits of S. Janaki (in as Singer) Area Boys: Dance (in as Singer) Parole (in as Label) Doore Vazhikalil (in as Label) Smiling Queen Rakshita (in as Singer) Aami (in as Label) Ira (in as Label) Kadha Paranja Kadha (in as Label) Daivame Kaithozham K.Kumarakanam (in as Label) Eeda (in as Label) Rose Day Love Hits (in as Singer) Celebrating 30 Years Evergreen Movies - Telugu (in as Singer) Gayatri (in as Singer) Chemparathippoo (in as Label) Sherlock Toms (in as Label) Timeless Tunes of 90s (in as Singer) A.R. Rahman Essentials (Nostalgia) (in as Singer) Party Rajas 2017 (in as Singer) The Monsoon Mix (in as Singer) Kanti Choopu Chepthondhi (in as Singer) Vani Mahal (in as Singer) Paisa Vasool (in as Singer)

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