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Valentine Songs Podcast (in as Singer, Starring) Adiyae Azhagae - Valentine's Special (in as Singer, Starring) Absolute Best of 2017 (Love) (in as Starring) Neethanae (International Version by Inno Genga) [From "Mersal"] (in as Starring) Rainy Days of Madras, Vol. 2 (in as Starring) Adirindhi (in as Starring) Maayo (From "Adirindhi") (in as Starring) Anveshi (in as Lyricist) Halal (in as Music) Mersal (in as Starring) Neethanae (From "Mersal") (in as Singer, Starring) Aalaporaan Thamizhan (From "Mersal") (in as Starring) Teri Wahi Main Hun (in as Music) Weekend Vibes - Tamil Hits (in as Singer) Agent Bairavaa (in as Starring) Amalu (in as Lyricist) Ashiq Deewana (in as Singer, Music) Pyar Manja (in as Singer, Music) Chikan Chikan (in as Singer, Music) Theri (Original Background Score) (in as Starring) They've Got The Moves : Vijay (in as Singer, Starring) Love Dose (in as Singer, Starring) Periyanna (in as Singer, Starring) Thalainagaram (in as Singer, Lyricist) Villu (in as Starring) Patteya Kaluppu - Tamil Hits (in as Singer) Yaar Indha Saalai Oram (in as Starring) Chennai City Gangsta (in as Starring) Pyar (in as Music) Valentine Special (in as Singer, Starring) Valentine's Day - Tamil (in as Starring) Follow Follow You (in as Lyricist) Bangari (in as Lyricist) Saat Saal Baad (in as Singer) Musically A.R. Rahman - Tamil (in as Starring)

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